Do you want to get wholesale mortgage interest rate quote from 5 to 8 major US Banks instead of getting 3 to 4 unknown loan originators to compete for your business?


All the offers of free competitive quotes come from the mortgage leads sellers. You'll fill the form and then your information is sold to loan originators. Sure, you can get these loan originators to compete and most of the time you'll get a quote for a rate that doesn't even exist as in classic "bait and switch" scheme.

We would like to offer you an alternative.

Today's best rates are - 30 Year Fixed - 6.0%   15 Year Fixed - 5.75%  5/1 ARM - 5.75% Option ARM - 1.0%

Fill simple and short information form and we will provide you the wholesale mortgage interest rate quote from 4 to 8 major US financial institutions.  We will also provide you the links to the posted retail interest rates from these banks. Generally, wholesale rates are only available to mortgage brokers, but we make them available to public. Choose your bank and we will do the rest. Purchase or Refinance - you'll get best interest rate and lowest closing costs available on a market today. We are local Colorado lender and you are welcome to visit our website, call us or just stop by our office.

 Of course if you would rather get a quote from 4 different loan originators - we can sell your information just like other guys. Make your choice between

 Get wholesale quote          Get originators to compete